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Samstag, 26. März 2011, 13:38

Graf Chokolo arbeitet an einer mit Dual Boot Funktion für linux


Our respected hacker, graf_chokolo has given out confirmation that he is working on a something that should really change the way how our PS3 boots with the addition of a penguin. It’s a much better OtherOS functionality you peeps!

I plan to implement dual boot feature in HV, just like i did on my PS3 3.41, and you can boot with it either gameos or linux or some other system like freebsd. You won’t need any bootos on gameos for that. I will also patch HV and enable more features

I will do it on PS3 slim, first i will resize HDD and add a partition for Linux there

Expect more features coming in as the HV patching continues. Oh, and he is working on a 3.55 FW only at the moment, although on the newer firmware versions is possible according to graf.

now for 3.55, on other version offsets are different so the code is the same but offsets to patch are different

When ask about the progress of his lawsuit and if he requires more legal funds, graf_chokolo had to say this:

it’s very slow, for now it’s enough i think, thanks

i have no huge news yet regarding lawsuit but soon i think i will have


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