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Samstag, 8. Oktober 2011, 02:42

Xecuter CK3i Officially Launched


Team Xecuter developed the first ever Xbox 360 connectivity kit back in 2006 and although it’s success has been imitated it has never been bettered. We now present the first of the latest upcoming upgrades to the world famous CK3 product range. We have been giving sneak peaks to our upcoming projects over the last few months in our VIP section of the forums, and we are now ready to release the first of our new Fall 2011 Product Range.

We present to you the successor the CK3 Pro – the all new Xecuter CK3i.

The last few months have seen many changes to how a 360 DVD Drive is powered and manipulated in order to read/write its DVD key and firmware. So much so that it was time for a complete overhaul of how the CK3 worked and to bring it right up to date in order to be ready for whatever 2011/12 had in store.

Now we have tools such as the CK3 Probe 3, it has become clear that RS232 serial is no longer required to extract the drive key. We have also taken all of the technology that had been built into the CK3-CP and embedded all of that into the new CK3i and thanks to our partnership with Jungle Flasher we have been able to completely embed all of the automated functions so that working with 360 DVD Drives is now easier than ever before.

The layout of the entire circuit has also been completely redesigned using the same high end facility that produces the uber successful X360USB PRO and is now more reliable, safer to use and with even more protections in place to safeguard against any errors.

You will also be happy to know that the Xecuter CK3i is released complete with its slick designed case to give extra protection and to give it a quality design that is not just on the inside but on the outside too.

You don’t have to wait either. In true Apple style and in honor of the late, great Steve Jobs, The Xecuter CK3i is on sale from TODAY at selected stores for only $39.95 ! (XCONSOLES.COM:

We have also added a ‘Special Gift’ in a random selection of 1000 of these. Will you be lucky enough to get it ?

Feature List:

100% Compatible with all XBOX 360 DVD drive models both Phat and Slim.
100% Compatible with all flashing tools inc Jungle Flasher
JungleFlasher Controlled Power ON/OFF/CYCLE
Manual Controlled Power ON/OFF/CYCLE
JungleFlasher Controlled Eject Open/Close/Half Tray
Manual Controlled Eject Open/Close/Half Tray
JungleFlasher Controlled ModeB
Manual Controlled ModeB
Self-Resetting PPTC Fuses To Prevent Damage If You Plug In The Power Cable Incorrectly
Auto/Manual Mode LED’s
Power On/Off LED
ModeB On/Off LED
Includes USB Cable
Custom Designed Case
High Build Quality
Trusted Xecuter Design


Windows PC (XP/VISTA/7 32/64 Bit)
Compatible SATA (We Recommend Xecuter X360USB PRO)
Latest Jungle Flasher Software
Good Quality Molex Power Supply
USB Port
Windows Drivers Download: Click Here


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Purple Tentacle

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Samstag, 8. Oktober 2011, 02:52

Für Erstkaeufer sicherlich nett, wenn man aber schon im Besitz eines CK3 ist relativ sinnlos. Die paar Neuerungen überzeugen nicht zu einem neuen Kauf

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